Five habits to a healthy metabolism

November 21, 2022

Metabolism is the way your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. To put it simply, metabolism is the way the body burns calories whether moving or at rest. Basic bodily functions such as breathing, circulating blood, digesting food, and cell repair are all burning energy. A healthy metabolism burns calories, and can aid in maintaining a healthy weight, or even help in losing weight.

The way an individual’s metabolism functions has many factors. There are factors that can’t be changed such as age, gender, and genetic makeup. Below are five areas to focus on that are in your control to increase metabolism:

Build muscle – do strength training exercises. Muscle burns more calories than fat in the body.

Aerobic activity – short intense aerobic workouts deliver a bigger and longer rise in the resting metabolic rate.

Drink water – mild dehydration can slow down the metabolism. Being hydrated is essential to keep the entire body functioning at its best.

Eat smart – smaller meals with snacks between keeps your metabolism steady. Smart snack choices can also help prevent overeating at meal time. Focus on protein over carbohydrates. Lastly, don’t skip on calories. A dramatic drop in calories will cause the body to conserve fat and shed muscle. Loss of muscle will reduce your calorie burn.

Keep Moving - metabolism is also affected by your everyday activities. Basic things like cleaning your house, pacing while you talk, or even standing instead of sitting all make a difference.