Diabetes Education

Education at Mille Lacs Health System helps you better understand and manage your disease. We teach skills for healthy eating, blood sugar monitoring, exercise, and managing your medication.

Choose small group classes or one-on-one education—whatever makes you the most comfortable. For any questions related to programs, classes, groups, and more, call Diabetes Educator Deanna Duret at 320-532-2337.


Our Certified Diabetes Educator will design an individualized plan for you, including tools and support to set you up for success. Some of our resources include: 

  • Our Prevent Type 2 diabetes Lifestyle Change Program

  • The iPro Continuous Glucose Monitoring system, a small device that gives your clinicians an in-depth glucose check, revealing glucose fluctuations that fingersticks and even A1c tests can miss

  • Guided Weight Loss Therapy, a tool to help anybody with a BMI over 30. A collaborative weight loss effort, it includes assessment, a personalized plan, behavioral change techniques, and ongoing support for up to a year

  • Support groups that offer encouragement, education, problem-solving, and valuable feedback