New providers at MLHS

March 22, 2022

Five new medical providers are on board at Mille Lacs Health System.

Seeing patients at the MLHS clincs are Melissa Walker, C.N.P., and Brany Guevara, D.N.P.

Melissa Walker, C.N.P., who resides in the Onamia area, has been an acute care R.N. over 14 years and is now a Certified Nurse Practitioner who is looking forward to primary care in the clinic.

Brany Guevara, D.N.P.has traveled the healthcare continuum from an L.P.N. to R.N. She has a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and is excited about working with the diverse community of patients at MLHS.

Ken Legan, P.A.-C., is a physician assistant with 20 years of urgent care and emergency medicine experience. He will be working in the MLHS Emergency Department.

James Young, M.D., comes to MLHS with over 15 years of hospitalist experience. He is an experienced teacher who has worked with medical provider candidates for 10 years. Dr. Young will be working as a hospitalist and providing ER backup.

Chris Munns, D.O., is a doctor of osteopathy and many may have seen him around the hospital in his part time work here, prior to coming on board as an employee. Dr. Munns is working as a hospitalist at MLHS and will also be providing backup for the ER.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a doctor who sees patients who are in the hospital. Using a hospitalist reduces the time physicians who see patients in the clinic need to spend following up and “taking call,” and lets them concentrate on clinical care. Hospitalists lead the hospital team, coordinating care to improve both quality and outcomes for patients. 

Some patients who end up in the hospital have complicated cases. They could have multiple health conditions occurring at once, making hospitalists incredibly important. Unlike specialists that work with one healthcare need, hospitalists see it all. But they also refer patients to specialists when that is needed.